Putting It Together In G

Play along with the audio example if you like. You have to do the singing though.

It is going to take a bit of... (Okay kids cover your ears)... PRACTICE... to be able to change the chords fast enough to play the song. Don't be discouraged, just play it a bit slower at first. Sorry, I didn't mean to mention the P word.

On Top Of Old Smokey

key of G

Written By: Unknown
Copyright Unknown

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  • You may have noticed that under the song title are the words "key of G".
  • The key is a group of chords that belong together. The three main chords in the key of G are; G, C & D.
  • By the time you finish this instruction you may never forget your keys again!

If the key of G is too high or too low, for you to sing with, you can play it in another key.

There are seven major keys. A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Notice how we started at the end? So of course we will now go to the middle!

Next we are going to look at chords for the key of D.

Play different keys with the 'G' formation using a capo.


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